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Is Michael Floyd's Absence From Larry Fitzgerald Camp Cause For Worry?

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is one of the hardest working players in the entire NFL. He is also very good about organizing workouts so that teammates and other players around the league get better. As fans, we love to see his teammates, especially the young ones, showing up and taking advantage of the tutelage of a player that has done it all in the league.

Cardinals first round draft pick Michael Floyd so far has said all the right things and has had the right attitude, but he is currently disappointing Fitz. Floyd has yet to show up to the workouts and Fitz called him out on it in public via Twitter.

Larry's father made a big deal about how Early Doucet didn't show up to Fitz' workouts, but then again he was also rehabbing an injury.

It is hard to tell what type of intent Fitz has other than the obvious pressure to show up. Then again, we have no idea whether Floyd has a valid reason or not. And the truth is he doesn't have to show up anyway.

But it certainly would be a good idea for him to show up, especially now.

Fitz wants Floyd to succeed so that the Cardinals succeed.

I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. Does it concern you that Fitz would publicly call out a teammate like that, for whatever reason?

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