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Calais Campbell Doing Offseason Drills To Improve His Sack Skills

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Calais Campbell may have led the Cardinals in sacks last season, but he does not seem to be getting complacent. After he was rewarded with a new five-year deal, Campbell seems to be much like his mentor, Darnell Dockett, in that he sees the contract as a motivating tool to get better.

It appears that although his role may have changed in the defense, he still wants to lead the team in sacks in 2012. His workouts suggest as much, anyways.

Campbell has been working with Fischer Sports, a high performance training facility for athletes located right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Improving his technique, footwork, speed and conditioning have all been on the itinerary and with the workouts he has been partaking in, it's hard to imagine those areas not improving.

Check out this short six second clip of how Campbell plans on becoming a better sack artist:

Then you have this video, which is going to help him with his conditioning:

Whatever he has been doing, he should keep it up. He is going to be a very important piece if the Cardinals want to have a dominant defense in 2012.

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