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Arizona Cardinals Attend Josh Gordon Workout

The NFL Supplemental Draft is on July 12, and there is, by most accounts, one player worth perhaps drafting. That would be Baylor receiver Josh Gordon. While it would be surprising to see the Arizona Cardinals use a pick in that draft because of the players they already have at receiver, he certainly appears to be a fine talent.

However, despite the depth at receiver and the fact that they used their first round draft pick on receiver Michael Floyd, the Cardinals were one of 21 teams in attendance of Gordon's pre-draft workout, according to Adam Caplan.

Now the Cardinals attending a workout doesn't qualify as an automatic pick in the draft. I would imagine that the team is just doing its due diligence. If they think that Gordon could be better than players they have on their roster (Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, etc), then perhaps they will consider it.

Now, Fitz is a given, Floyd they invested a third round pick and Roberts is by all accounts very highly thought of by the team's coaching staff. So I don't see the team giving up one of their 2013 picks to draft a guy that wouldn't likely supplant any of their top four receivers.

What do you think?

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