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Larry Fitzgerald Has A Pretty Cosmic Idea, Wants To Travel To Space

Is he floating?
Is he floating?

We all know how much Larry Fitzgerald likes to travel the world and see all of the great sights it has to offer. It seems as if he has been to every country around the globe, as every offseason we see his twitter feed full of pictures from various exotic destinations.

Sometime in the near future, we may see perhaps the most crazy pictures of them all. That is because Fitz won't even be on planet Earth.

Fitzgerald told Darren Urban, the official writer for the Arizona Cardinals, that he plans to take a trip into outer space one day. Of course, he will only do so when it is monetarily within his budget. I guess signing a $125 million contract doesn't suffice.

"I want to go into orbit. But it costs a million dollars right now and that's out of my budget. In a couple of years, when that (price) comes on down a little bit, I will do that and try it out, but right now, it's on my bucket list. It's just not feasible right now," Fitz told Urban.

Honestly, you guys, how cool would it be to see Larry Fitzgerald catch a football in space?