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Ken Whisenhunt Studies Film Of Rookie QB Ryan Lindley, Praises His Work So Far

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The rookie class of 2012 has a lot of Cardinals fans excited. Players like Michael Floyd, Jamell Fleming and Bobby Massie are all likely to have some sort of an impact on the team right away and as their talent develops, each of them have the potential to be stars.

But one of the players that has been somewhat lost among the shuffle is quarterback Ryan Lindley. The former Aztec's showing has been clouded by the QB controversy between John Skelton and Kevin Kolb.

In a video featuring Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt and broadcaster Dave Pasch, Whiz doesn't seem to have lost sight of his young signal caller. In fact, he praises him very highly.

Whisenhunt and Pasch sit down to watch some tape on Lindley in this short 3:00 clip. One play, in particular, was under spotlight as Lindley threw a pass that traveled over 35 yards in the air and was extremely accurate to hit his receiver, Isaiah Williams, in one on one coverage.

"(He is) very decisive, very good on his mechanics, he's seeing the field, looking the safety off. For a young quarterback to do that, to operate like this, is a good sign. It's exciting and it will be exciting to see how he continues to pick up on that," Whisenhunt said.

As Whisenhunt also noted, Williams was not Lindley's first option on that particular play. But from how he saw the field, he was able to make an adjustment and throw to where he saw fit. This is a very encouraging sign for a young player.

Now, I am not on the Peter King bandwagon in saying that Lindley will be the starter for the Cardinals this year, but to see this type of play already is a sight for sore eyes. Will he start in 2012? That's not likely. But as for the years beyond that, who knows what could happen...

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