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ROTB Roundtable: Off-season grade, Position Liability, and Best NFL Defense

There's about two weeks left till the Cardinals open up Training Camp in Flagstaff. In the meantime, the ROTB Writing Staff got to work answering three trending questions.

Hit the jump to see their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) The Cardinals off-season was given a "C" by ESPN. Do you agree with this grade?

Alex Mann: I don't but I can understand why they gave it. Arizona didn't have many needs to fill, but that had BIG needs to fill. They may not have gotten time players for those positions, but it appears that they got guys who can fill in for maybe a season or two while our Rookies at RG and RT can get adjusted to the NFL.

Jesse Reynolds: I disagree with them on many of the grades. Several teams above us received good grades yet have more holes while other teams did less and still had better grades. Our off-season wasn't stellar but I'd say it was far better than the "treading water" we were accused of.

Tyler Nickel: Given how tight against the cap the Cards were, I think a 'C' is a bit rough. They drafted very well and they signed free agents to help with depth. I would give them a 'B' or 'B+'.

Jess Root: I sort of do, because it is looking at THIS offseason. The draft was solid, but the free agent moves were all under the radar. I would lean on a B, but I don't completely disagree.

2) Which position could you see being a liability in the coming season?

Alex Mann: Runningback, I don't see Williams returning at 100% and I don't see Wells playing the whole season again. Our line could be solid so I don't have a TON of worry in them. It's Runningback that scares me.

Jesse Reynolds: QB and tackle. Nothing can be said that hasn't already.

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, it would have to be outside linebacker. The Cards are still looking for the perfect duo of pass rushers, and if Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield can't live up to their hype, the secondary won't be able to hold off the good opposing quarterbacks.

Jess Root: The offensive line will be if the players don't gel, and then the other big question is quarterback, for obvious reasons.

3) Many analysts are predicting that the Cardinals' defense is in for a big year. In your opinion, which team has the best defense in the NFL?

Alex Mann: Well... Give Arizona a year or two and we'll be up there. But for now, I'll give the best Defense to the Niners.

Jesse Reynolds: I would say the Niners will, they improved their secondary, maintained the same front seven that dominated last year and (supposedly) improved their offense which will keep their D fresh. The NFC West could have 3 top ten defenses next year and still only produce 1 team with a winning record...

Tyler Nickel: I really like the defense that the 49ers have, unfortunately. They are solid at every level. With another added CB and possibly an upgrade at OLB across from Aldon Smith, they will be set.

Jess Root: I think that with the injury to Terrell Suggs, the Niners have clearly the best defense. The have the best linebacker, great complementary LBs a super defensive line and a solid secondary. I hate it, but they are the best.