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2013 Arizona Cardinals Mock Drafts: WR Edition

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Time for another look at a potential selection for the Cardinals in 2013.

Again we'll pick with the 24th Selection but this time we'll be looking at a WR. Lets say our WR corps takes a hit, we lose someone in FA or we just go BPA. According to CBS Sports, the top 5 guys are worth taking in the First Round. Lets take a look.

Robert Woods: (Southern California) He stands at 6'1 184 lbs. In his two years at USC, he has 21 TD's and 2084 Yards. He has the benefit of Matt Barkley throwing to him, but he has superb ability. Has great speed, long arms, huge vertical, run over defenders, break tackles, and can make a guy miss. He sells his routes with ease and unlike plenty of WR's he doesn't give up on a play. Since he's in the Pac-12 and I'm an Oregon fan, I keep my eye on him. One play that stands out to me from last year was against Colorado. USC was already up, but on a 3rd and 14, Barkley scrambled and had a clear lane that would get them close to a 1st down, but he rolled to the right and tossed it up to Woods who had triple coverage on him, he made the catch at the 10 and was able to get it into the Endzone. I see him going in the top 5 in this years class.

Keenan Allen: (California) Standing 6'3 205 lbs, he's a dominant player. He isn't someone who is known for Double digit TD's in a season, but he gets you the yardage to get it near the Endzone. Last year he got 1343 yards with 6 TD's. His three biggest games came in huge losses to Washington (31-23), Oregon (43-15), and USC (30-9), where he acquired 197, 170, and 160 Yards respectively, scoring a TD in all but one (USC). I see him going early to mid 1st Round.

Justin Hunter: (Tennessee) 6'4 200 lbs, had a promising start to last season, before being injured. He opened up with back to back 100 yard games. He earned the starting role during the 2011 season, after showing his YAC in 2010. Now Arizona already has one with Doucet, and Roberts, maybe Floyd too, but the addition of Hunter would be a good pick up.

Terrance Williams: (Baylor) 6'3 190 lbs, He's the 43 ranked player in the Country, and I don't really see it. He's got the speed, but he's getting his next shot at starting this season. Last year he played across from Kendall Wright, and had RGIII throwing to him. He's amassed 1502 yards with and 15 TD's, with the majority of them coming last season.

Marquess Wilson: (Washington State) 6'4 183 lbs, He is definately a YAC receiver. In 2010 he only caught 55 passes, but topped 1000 yards. That 18 yards a catch, and that's something Arizona could use.

Who I Would Choose:
Keenan Allen or Justin Hunter. Both are worthy of a 24th pick or higher. I know the chance of us drafting a WR in the First Round is slim but just role with me on this one. So who would you select?