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Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Friday The 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, which can really mean only one thing. We will all go into work and hear people talking about the unluckiness that coincides with the day. That one annoying girl you work with will proceed to walk up to your desk and yell "Happy Friday the 13th" at you as if you didn't already know what day it was and as if it actually matters. Ugh.

So, to rub it all in, today's thread topic is going to be related to unluckiness.

The Arizona Cardinals have certainly had their fair share of misfortunes since coming to Arizona. Players get injured, plays go awry, etc. So the thread question today is: What is the most unlucky moment in Arizona Cardinals history?

For me, it might have to be James Harrison getting an interception in the Super Bowl at the end of the first half and running it all the way back for a touchdown. That was pretty awful and it is a play that will haunt me forever.

What about yours? What is the most unlucky or unfortunate play/occurrence in Arizona Cardinals team history? Tell us in the comments section.