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Kurt Warner Believes Kevin Kolb Will Be Cardinals' Starting QB, John Skelton Lacks Consistency

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As the Arizona Cardinals prepare for training camp in just under two weeks from now, the biggest question that everyone has in their minds is the situation at starting quarterback. Will it be Kevin Kolb or will it be John Skelton?

NFL Network had their 32 in 32 focus on the Cardinals on Thursday and Kurt Warner was a guest to discuss in particular the quarterback question.

Warner comes out and says plainly that Kolb will be the guy.

I think this is going to play out with Kevin Kolb starting for the Arizona Cardinals. I' talk to people in the organization and what I've seen is that everyone believes that Kevin has everything you need to be a great starter in the NFL -- that he's smart, he works hard, he's got accuracy, he's got mobility to run around and make plays, which we saw him do a number of times last year. The biggest problem was the offense in Arizona was completely different than what he ran in Philly, and it was tough for him to pick up that offense and the nuances of that offense. He really struggled with that last year and never really got comfortable. Although John Skelton played well, especially down the stretch in games, I don't think he offers the consistency that I think Kevin Kolb can if he learns the offense.

Warren Sapp also commented on the fact that Skelton had won the confidence of his teammates, citinig in particular Darnell Dockett, with whom he spoke, who talked about he intangibles that Skelton has and how "it's not just the numbers."

I get why the team rallied behind Skelton. Just as the defense started playing well, he was at the helm. He made a few plays late. When you win games, your teammates stand behind you. That's what happened. Skelton did just enough at a time when the defense won games.

Guess what? if Kolb plays like he can and puts the team in positions to win, he will also have the confidence of his teammates. It won't take much. It will take a few plays and the team winning some games.

Kurt Warner thinks it will be Kolb. What do you think?

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