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Warren Sapp Not Yet A Believer In Arizona Cardinals Defense

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As part of the 32 in 32 series for the NFL Network, the Arizona Cardinals were discussed on NFL Total Access on Thursday evening. One of the topics discussed was how good the Arizona defense was going to be. We here in the community are very high on the defense, and with good reason. The team runs a system with a proven track record and the defense itself played very, very well in the second half of the season in 2011.

Defensive coordinator Ray Horton expects it to be a top-10 unit, but former defensive star Warren Sapp is not yet on board completely.

"I love this defense, but I call them the All-Airport Team. Look at them and they're big and they're scary, but their play on the field does not dictate how they look when they get off the plane. So I'm interested to see if this defense comes alive with those two safeties, Calais Campbell on the front, Darnell Dockett, great players, but the need to put it on the football field."

He is right in one sense. The defense has not yet shown a sustained pattern of success. They do have great individual players. Now they need to do it again.

However, the fact that they did "put it on the field" in 2011 and Horton is running a system that is a proven scheme, you would think that Sapp would give the defense a little more love than he did.

Is Sapp right? And should players like Dockett, Campbell, Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes take this sound byte and make it bulletin board material?

Tell us what you think!

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