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One Writer Says Cardinals QB Job To Be Won By One Who Gets Larry Fitzgerald The Ball

As the days go by and we get that much closer to the Arizona Cardinals deciding on a starting quarterback, tehre are many experts, pundits and regular guys making their cases for who it will be.

Pat Kirwan from CBS Sports has his idea, and it comes down to one simple thing.

What did he say was the key?

Call the Arizona offense West Coast, or East Coast, but what it really comes down to is getting Larry Fitzgerald the ball and the quarterback who does that wins the job.

That is clearly an oversimplification of things. It will definitely help, but Fitz gets the ball more when the defenses have more to go on than just his routes. Whether it is Kevin Kolb or John Skelton, he has to use the other offensive weapons. Then, if he does that, it makes things easier on Fitz to get his numbers.

When Kurt Warner was starting for the Cards, what was amazing was not the production that Fitz had, but the fact that the team had three receivers with over 1000 yards. The guy that can spread the offense effectively will get the job.

Whether that is Kolb or Skelton, we will be finding out soon enough.

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