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Got Pre-training Camp Football Blues? Enjoy Cardinals Flag Football

We are just a little bit away from training camp. It seems we have discussed ad nauseum everything under the sun about the Arizona Cardinals. Mostly it has been the same discussions of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, when Michael Floyd is going to start, who should be cut and other sordid stuff.

Now we have something new, and I wish I could say that I made it up. I didn't, but it is one of the most interesting blog things I have run across.

Instead of thinking NFL, Tyler and I are going to face off in flag football, picking 7-on-7 teams using the 2012 Arizona Cardinals players. Now, the key thing is that flag football is nothing like regular football.

In flag football, the players play both offense and defense. Everyone is an eligible receiver, the only blocking is hands-behind-your-back screen blocking and tackling skills are useless.

You need the right mix of catching, running and covering...oh, and throwing, too.

So I challenge Tyler to a football team creation battle. And you all get to be the judge.

Starting Monday, we will each pick a player. I will pick in the morning, Tyler later on in the day. Why in that order? Because I won the coin flip I just did. So I get the first pick.

As each pick happens, you all give your input. At the end of the seven-day draft, we will present the draft and the community will determine how the outcome of such a game would be.

Tyler, you are going down!

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