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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: At What Point Does A Football Player Become Old?

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Larry Fitzgerald was recently quoted as saying that before his career is over, he wants to win a Super Bowl ring. The personal accolades no longer matter. He is all about the team and victories as a collective bunch. He feels that after he turns 29 (which he will be by the time the season starts), it will pretty much be downhill from there. After all, after a player hits 30 it usually is.

But is there a true defining moment when a player is simply just too old to continue playing. Is it their age? Does the number hold some sort of significance? Is it when you start growing gray in your beard? Or, if you are a receiver like Fitz, is it when you lose a step and are no longer to get down the field like you used to?

When do you think a player has hit their wall? What are the signs? When was the first time you can recall watching a player and just saying "wow, he looks old"? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.