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Cardinals 7-on-7 Flag Football: Tyler's First Pick

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The contest has not even really begun and it is already a foregone conclusion that Jess is going to lose it. Picking Patrick Peterson with his first choice was a solid idea, but a foreseeable one nonetheless. He has speed, size, defensive skill and athleticism -- pretty much everything you could want from a flag football player.

But my pick has just about all of that as well. Throw in a similar level of elusiveness, a better ball catching ability and more strength and you get my pick of Ryan Williams. Now, we have to take Williams at his healthy self. This is pretend, so we will assume that his patella tendon was never torn. As for his defensive ability, I am not all too worried about that. As long as he can pull a flag, he should be fine.

That is my choice at #1. Which pick do you think is better? We will each make our second picks tomorrow.

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