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Dubious Pass Blocking Stats For Several Arizona Cardinals

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Over the past three years, the Arizona Cardinals have passed the ball a lot. Some of that is because offensively they like to do that. Another reason is because of being behind early and having to throw. So pass blocking statistics would seem like a pretty important thing, right?

Well, Pro Football Focus compiled stats over the past three seasons and put together posts about pass blocking efficiency and offensive tackles, guards, centers, running backs and tight ends. In every single one, somebody on the Cardinals shows up on the list, and frequently not in a good light.

Let's take a look at them, some of which we all know and can guess, while others are more surprising.

At the tackle position, Levi Brown has struggled. In fairness, he has the most pass blocks by far among tackles -- 1860 of them in total and almost 400 more than the next player -- but he also has allowed the most sacks, hits and hurries -- 179 total pressures allowed (combination of sacks, hits and hurries.

Brown also is the second least efficient pass blocker in the league, keeping the QB protected without pressure 92.38 percent of the time.

At guard, Daryn Colledge and a pair of former Cardinal appear. Colledge, with one of the seasons with Arizona, gave up the fourth highest total of pressures. He is the 15th worst efficient pass blocker in the league at his positions at 96.61 percent.

Alan Faneca, whom Colledge replaced, had the third worst pass blocking efficiency number (95.72) and Deuce Lutui was the 11th worst pass blocker at guard (96.48)

At center, Lyle Sendlein gave up the seventh highest number of pressures, but did not fall into the category of least efficient.

At running back, Beanie Wells shows up, but in the efficiency rate he was 10th worst. In three seasons, is efficiency rate in pass blocking is 92.45. The telling tale of his ineffectiveness is the fact that he is not asked to do it much. Only 149 times he was asked to do it in three seasons.

To my surprise, tight end Jeff King, touted for hos blocking abilities, shows up in the newest club. King, In three season, he gave up the third highest total of pressures. He had the third worst overall efficiency rate among tight ends.

As you can see, pass blocking was a big problem. Brown improved in the second half of 2011.

But if he and his teammates struggle again, no matter who the QB is, he going to struggle.

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