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7-16-12: Around the NFC West: Scheme Part 2, Receivers, & More ARRESTS!

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Man I am lame, I fell asleep doing this... Well anyways here are you links for July 16th, 2012.

Seattle Seahawks:

Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Monday - Field Gulls

NFL Salary Cap Rollover in the New CBA, Estimated Team Rankings - Field Gulls
ProFootballTalk is privy, every month or so, to NFL salary cap information on a high level basis by team. I used the numbers from the most recent PFT blog and coupled that with a great article from Jason LaConfora back on March 30th, which had the te

Seahawks Fans: Who Do You Want To Raise the 12th Man Flag This Year? - Field Gulls
The honor of raising the 12th man flag is a big one. Who deserves it in 2012?

The Seahawks & the Zone Blocking Scheme, Part II - Field Gulls
The Seahawks Week 9 matchup with Dallas last year gets talked about a lot around here because it's now generally viewed as the turning point for the team's run offense.

St. Louis Rams:

Random Ramsdom 7/16: Uncertainty and Perspective Surround NFC West Stars - Turf Show Times
Your best source for quality St. Louis Rams news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Kendall Langford Knows The 4-3 Defense - Turf Show Times
Kendall Langford saw plenty of four-man fronts with the Dolphins last year, which should make his transition to the St. Louis Rams' defense that much easier.

Are The St. Louis Rams' Injury Issues Destined To Repeat In 2012? - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams set new records for injuries to the roster in 2011. Will they have better luck medically in 2012?

St. Louis Rams Could Have Plenty Of Franchise Tag Drama In 2013 - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams have plenty of big contracts to think about in 2013.

NFL Fantasy Football: TSTleague 3 Takes No Prisoners and Shows No Remorse - Turf Show Times
Your best source for quality St. Louis Rams news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers: How Many are YOU Keeping? - Turf Show Times
St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers: How Many are YOU Keeping? Tough decisions, but someone's got to go right?

San Francisco 49ers:

Golden Nuggets: To Sign Dashon Goldson or Not? - Niners Nation
Monday, July 16th, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Dashon Goldson, 49ers Approach Franchise Tag Deadline - Niners Nation
Dashon Goldson remains unsigned as the 49ers franchise player, with Monday's deadline looming to reach a long term deal. We look at the implications heading into training camp.

San Francisco 49ers: Exploring Options with the Remaining Roster Spot - Niners Nation
The San Francisco 49ers are looking to begin training camp in a week's time. With one available roster spot and some remaining cap space, we explore what options the 49ers have heading into camp.

The Official Niners Nation Flag Football Showdown - Niners Nation
Now introducing the NIners Nation Flag Football Showdown.

Three-Year Averages and Quarterback Projections: Putting Myself on the Line - Niners Nation
I've put together a rough projection system for all of the likely NFL starting quarterbacks in 2012. The system is based on each player's three-year averages, when available. It's an experiment! It's fun! Come argue with my findings!

Dashon Goldson, 49ers Do Not Come To Terms: Is Time Running Out For The Safety in San Francisco? - Niners Nation
With the second straight year of Dashon Goldson's free agency coming to an end and no long-term deal on the's fair to wonder if his chance for such a contract in San Francisco is becoming more slim

Football Outsiders Preseason Projections Are Back And You Won't Be Happy - Niners Nation
Football Outsiders released their annual Almanac, which previews the coming season. We break down some of their projections for the 49ers in 2012.

ANOTHER NFL Player Gets Arrested - Niners Nation
We take a look at the ridiculous nature of all these NFL arrests during the offseason.