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Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread: Who Do You Think Will Breakout For The Arizona Cardinals?

Darren Urban, the official team writer for the Arizona Cardinals, had a nice piece yesterday talking about which players on the team he feels will have breakout seasons. As he said, a player that can "break out" usually has only been in the league for a short while, but there are exceptions. Adrian Wilson was one of those exceptions for Urban.

But for 2012, Ryan Williams, Rob Housler and Patrick Peterson were all players mentioned in Urban's blog post. Williams will have to stay healthy on the field. Housler will have to fight Jeff King and Todd Heap for playing time to show his worth. And Patrick Peterson, already a Pro Bowler for his punt returning abilities, will need to show that he can be the shutdown corner everyone wants and expects from him.

Sophomore slumps may get in the way of some of this happening, but hopefully that doesn't happen. The question for you today is: Who do you think will have a breakout season for the Cardinals? Will it be one of the aforementioned three? Will it be a player that we really haven't seen a lot of that could step up and make a huge contribution? Or will it be an established player who just happens to have a huge season?

Tell us who your pick is in the comments section.

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