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Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread: Which Position Is Most Important To The Cardinals' Success?

Yesterday, I presented you with the question of which player will have the biggest breakout year. There are certainly plenty of candidates for that and the variety of answers were abundant.

Today, I want to find something else out. Besides the quarterback position (that is too obvious), which player or position do you feel contributes most to the Cardinals' success in 2012? Once again, there are plenty of options to choose from.

My choice would be the offensive tackle position. If Levi Brown and either Bobby Massie or Jeremy Bridges can keep Kevin Kolb and John Skelton upright, that will lend itself to more victories. If they fail at doing so, then it could be another long year for the Cardinals.

There is also the outside linebacker position. Will Sam Acho keep progressing into becoming an elite edge rusher? Can O'Brien Schofield live up to expectations or will he be overtaken by Clark Haggans? If the Cardinals can't pressure opposing passers, the pass heavy list of teams they face in 2012 will eat them alive.

What do you think? Which player(s) or position are most vital to the Cardinals having a successful season? Tell us in the comments section.

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