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Fantasy Football 2012: Daryl Washington Has Value In IDP Leagues

It might be a little early to think about fantasy football leagues, but maybe not. In fact, we will be starting up our ROTB leagues soon, once the word comes down from my league manager. In the meantime, SB Nation's fantasy blog Fake Teams (a great fantasy resource) released some new positional rankings, this time focusing on defensive players, and in this case, middle or inside linebackers.

We had at least one IDP league for our ROTB leagues last year, and Washington could be a fantasy gold mine. According to the rankings, he is the 10th most valuable middle/inside linebacker in the league.

He ranks just ahead of the player he replaced -- Karlos Dansby.

We know he is a playmaker. We can count on 100+ tackles, a few sacks, interceptions and fumble recoveries or forced fumbles. He just makes plays.

He plays in a scheme that showcases linebackers and expects them to make plays. The scheme combined with his speed and prowess in being where the ball is make him an overall solid pick in fantasy leagues on the defensive side of the ball.

There really aren't many other players at his position aI would take over him, but then again, I am unabashedly faithful to my team's players when it comes to things like fantasy leagues.

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