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ROTB Roundtable: Hardest Opponent, Coaches Tape, and Marshawn Lynch

With Training Camp ready to start right around the corner, the ROTB Writing Staff got busy, answering three (currently) trending questions.

Hit the jump to see their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Out of all the opponents the Cardinals take on in the upcoming season, which game do you see being the hardest?

Tyler Nickel: It will probably be their game against the Patriots early on in the season. Facing a team with Tom Brady under center and that is in the Super Bowl constantly is never easy. Throw in that it's on the road and the Cards' history in Gillette and you get a bad combo.

Alex Mann: The Lions. A lot of people will say Green Bay or New England, but both teams have suspect Defenses so we won't know how our Suspect offense will react to their Defense. The Lions on the other hand have an Offense that can score on you from anywhere on the field, but at the same time they have a defense that will attack you and is a solid unit.

Cdeveau: I'm going with New England. Alex is right that NE's defense is suspect, but so is the Cards offense. On the flip side, the Pat's offense is lights out, and they have a pair of really great tight ends that will give our secondary fits. This is where I see the first test for the OLB the Cards have, as well as the secondary.

Jesse Reynolds: I am going to go with the Packers week 9. Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL right now and has a host of weapons that will really challenge our defense. I also think the Niners will be a huge test because their defense will be a top 3 defense and now have weapons on offense.

Jess Root: I think it will be a toss-up between the road games at New England and Green Bay. Both are on the road against very, very good offenses. They are pretty much the two games you can simply pin a loss on.

2) Fans will soon be able to watch the game through the coaches' eyes: Coaches Tape is soon going to be available to all fans (At a price). Do you think this is a good idea?

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I do. The more transparency the better. Even if the fans don't really know what they're watching, they get to try and learn how the coaches do. It's all pretty interesting how public this league is becoming.

Alex Mann: For them yes. It's just another way for them to make money off of us fans. But for us, I guess if your a hardcore Football junky, or if you write for a site it's useful.

Cdeveau: Alex made great points. The only one he forgot is the would be owner still playing the lottery so they can have enough $ to buy a team. (I will win someday) On a serious note, unless you are a die hard football junkie, game tape will do nothing for you.

Jesse Reynolds: I think it is a great idea. Sports stats are recording from PFF will improve and fantasy football will become even more competitive. Should add a cool element, but will also lead to even more over analysis by fans.

Jess Root: I don't see a downside. People want to see it, they will pay for it and that's all we need to know. Now, it will at times further regular fans' thinking they are smarter than the coaches in the game.

3) Marshawn Lynch was recently arrested for a DUI, and there is a possibility that he will be suspended. Although he has managed to stay relatively crime-free, he has been suspended before. Do you think he deserves to be suspended?

Tyler Nickel: Yes, he should be suspended. Since he has multiple offenses, I would sideline him for at least half the season. The NFL needs to crack down on these type of offenses, as they are becoming an epidemic.

Alex Mann: Yes. You represent yourself, your team, and the NFL. You're supposed to set a good example for those kids who have dreams and ambitions to make it to the NFL, and if you get a DUI and get away with it, then it makes others think it will happen to them.

Cdeveau: I read he hit or nearly hit 2 cars before he was pulled over. He should go to jail (like all us normal folks would) and then be suspended, as the NFL has made their position very clear about things that reflect badly on the brand.

Jesse Reynolds: Normally I believe everyone deserves a second chance depending on the situation, however this is the second time Lynch has done this and if Goodell is good to his word he will be punished. I'm tired of players doing horrible things and getting stupid suspensions and fines. The bounty scandal mess especially pisses me off because it was a bigger scandal than extremely athletic individuals threatening, flashing guns and doing other dangerous activities in public. Sure, putting a bounty on another player is terrible but physically assaulting an individual or carrying a gun is far worse in my mind.
Sorry, I'll get off my soap box.

Jess Root: He might be suspended. As Albert Breer reported, the DUI is a substance abuse issue for the league and his other arrest was a personal conduct issue. He might not be. But then again, he could be. It will likely depend on whether he is in the league's substance abuse program already. Deserve to? Yes. I don't get why rich athletes drive after drinking. It's stupid.