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Arizona Cardinals Flag Football: Jess' 4th Pick

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So far on my team I have Patrick Peterson, LaRod Stephens-Howling and Daryl Washington. My team is fast. It is versatile. I continue with that trend of speed and versatility as I add a player that can play both offense and defense, can make plays in the open field and also can leap.

A.J. Jefferson used to be a receiver. He can return kicks. He can cover. He is fast (his fastest 40 time was 4.32 and ran a 4.42 at the NFL Combine).

My strategy so far? I have guys that I am confident can make plays offensively, but will be even stronger in coverage. Washington and LSH will be great pass rushers because of their ability to elude players.

Tyler with Calais Campbell has a tall guy, but the speed of flag football and his build will not translate as well. Flag ball needs speed and elusiveness. There isn't a defensive lineman I would put on my team.

So I now have PP, LSH, D-Wash and AJ. I feel quite confident in the group I have so far. What do you all think?

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