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CBS Predicts Arizona Cardinals Finish 10-6 In 2012, Win NFC West

With training camp right around the corner, I guess it is appropriate to begin with season projections and predictions. Most would probably say that the San Francisco 49ers are the favorites to win the NFC West. However, in what I found to be a surprise, CBS Sports is projecting that the Arizona Cardinals will come away with a division crown in 2012.

Arizona is projected to finish 10-6, winning the division by a game over the 9-7 Niners. Larry Fitzgerald is projected to have 1556 receiving yards and Kevin Kolb 2925 yards passing (meaning John Skelton gets some time in there, unless Kolb only throws to Fitz all season).

However, it isn't all roses and cinnamon for Arizona:

"I don't think they have a quarterback. Kevin Kolb looked bad last season. He didn't know the offense. That showed up. John Skelton is just a guy. They have issues there. They have talent at receiver, but it's all about the quarterback. Larry Fitzgerald is a star, but he needs help. I am not a big Michael Floyd guy. They have two good backs, but they have to stay healthy. Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams have talent but neither stayed in the field. Their line is average at best. They have one or two decent players. They paid Adam Snyder, but he's average. The defense has talent. They have good personnel on their front seven. They are average in the back end. Calais Campbell, Darnell Dockett, Daryl Washington and Adrian Wilson are all good players. They need to get pass rush from the outside guys. That [Sam] Acho kid showed something last year. But what's it matter if they don't get the good quarterback play?"

So the Cards don't have a QB, but win the division. That's an interesting take.

I'll take it. What do you all think? Can the Cards pull off the upset in the division?