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Afternoon Open Thread Question: What Will You Remember About Joey Porter?

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If you didn't catch it former Steelers and Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter has decided to retire from the NFL this year. Apparently, he has plans to do it as a member of the Steelers, which would be appropriate.

As a member of the Cardinals, he was in the twilight of his career. It really was disappointing that he didn't do more.

However, one thing that is undoubtable, he was adored by his teammates in the locker room. The news prompted former Cardinals player Hamza Abdullah to tweet:

I remember his trash talking days with the Steelers, when he was the heart and soul of that dominating defense. I remember thinking when he was here that he had lost that swagger and wondered if he was mailing it in or just deferring to other team veterans.

The fact that Abdullah would tweet that makes it sound he took a backseat to guys like Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett.

Do you all have any memories of Porter or J-Peezy, as he was called?

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