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Arizona Birdgang Podcast: Training Camp Countdown

Judging by the title of this post, you have probably already guessed what Joe, Mario and I sat down to discuss on the latest edition of the Arizona Birdgang Podcast. Training camp is just one week away for the Arizona Cardinals and we are pumped.

On this show, we talked about what we will be looking for during week one of camp. Although it may not be much, some strides will have to be made, especially for those in position battles. We also discussed who we think the breakout players will be for the Cards this season. It seems that every year, there is at least one player that shows up for camp looking unexpectedly amazing.

All of that and much more on this edition of the pre-training camp podcast!

Take a listen to the podcast by clicking this link (recommended for mobile users) or simply use the embedded player below. Thanks for listening!