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Monday Afternoon Open Thread: Which NFL Coach Would You Want Coaching Your Football Team?

Oh, how I loathe the NFL offseason. News is a bit slow right now, but there was a post by Jess yesterday discussing Ken Whisenhunt and the possibility that he could lose his job after the 2012 season. If it's a bad enough year, I suppose it's possible, but I see it as being highly unlikely.

Anyhow, if Whiz were to be relieved of his head coaching duties, let me ask you this. Which coach, employed or not employed, would you want running your favorite organization? Again, that could be a coach that is either retired or one that is currently coaching another team. This is hypothetical, after all. The only stipulation is that the coach you choose must still be alive.

In the unlikely event that Whisehunt does lose his job, I would love to see Jimmy Johnson strolling the Cardinals sidelines. The work he did with both the Miami Hurricanes and the Dallas Cowboys is pretty impressive.

What do you think? Who would be your choice to become the next Cardinals head coach? Tell us in the comments section.