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Fantasy Football 2012: Patrick Peterson Rated Highly In IDP Leagues, But Maybe Not Highly Enough

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Fantasy Football leagues are starting to pop up and people are beginning to really prepare for their drafts. The other day, we saw that in IDP leagues, Daryl Washington has value among linebackers. Fantasy blog Fake Teams ranked the defensive backs and only one Arizona Cardinals player made the list -- that being Patrick Peterson.

Peterson was ranked 28th -- not bad, but not among the most valuable DBs.

Additionally, there was particular mention made of him:

P2's maturation process at corner may have been the most impressive of any player through the course of the season. We're talking at any position. The LSU product was put on an island quite a bit in coverage in his last four games and his use of the sideline was Revis-like. Of course, that suggests he'll be covering his man much better which consequently means he won't be able to make tackles or pass deflections. However, we all know that Peterson's value doesn't lie in tackles and tips. This man makes plays and his special-team skills will likely translate into some picks and maybe a score or two. Don't forget that if your league counts return yardage, number 21 will come at a premium in your league. He might be worth it.

Peterson in fantasy leagues is an interesting choice. The Cardinals' defensive schemes ask cornerbacks to be physical and make tackles. At the same time, if Peterson becomes that "island," he may not get targeted as much, decreasing his fantasy numbers, or he will see an increase in deflections and interceptions.

However, with the special teams factor, to me he seems that he is a no-brainer.

On a related note, another DB on the Cardinals that could be solid in fantasy leagues could be good old Adrian Wilson. If he plays at a similar level to 2011, he will put up really good tackle numbers, is good for some picks (if he doesn't drop them this year) and can pick up sacks.

On which side of the fantasy side do you fall for Peterson? Will his play in coverage hurt his fantasy numbers, or is he a guy you have to have because of the other factors.

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