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Arizona Cardinals Flag Football: Jess' 5th Pick

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Tyler has been doing quite a bit of trash talking. I have the best playmakers and the best cover guys. He has a couple of decent receivers, but he doesn't have the best one. I figured for sure that Tyler would have gone that route at some point.

His loss.

Since he is magically still available, Larry Fitzgerald is my fifth pick in the flag football draft. He isn't super fast, but he still manages to outrun people. His skill, though, in this style of football will not come from his physicality. It will be in his leaping ability and how well he catches the ball up high.

Fitz is as competitive as they come, so I have no doubt that he will not be a slouch in coverage.

If Tyler thinks he can beat this team, he is delirious.

PP, LSH, D-Wash, AJ and now Fitz.

I have the best receiver, the two best cover guys, versatility, the two best playmakers in space (and AJ is no slouch) and speed on defense.

He has no one to cover my guys and no one to beat my cover guys. Plus, he would be doing all this without a real QB.

I know what my final two moves are. My team will be unstoppable.

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