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Arizona Cardinals Flag Football: Tyler's 6th Pick

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After drafting Jamell Fleming for my flag football team, my coverage is now better, but still not perfect. I have the front pass rusher solidified with Calais Campbell, Ryan Williams can play safety in my zone and Fleming, Early Doucet and Andre Roberts will all play in man-to-man. But still, I need another corner.

That is why I am going to add to the mix by taking Money Mike, Michael Adams. His small stature is somewhat of a disadvantage on defense, but on offense, he will shine in my option O. Much like Jess' LaRod Stephens-Howling pick, it becomes tough to pull a shorter guys' flags, especially when he is blazing fast. He will immediately become the second corner on my team that can provide a spark on offense.

What do you think of my team now? With Campbell, Williams, Fleming, Doucet, Roberts and now Adams, I think I am in pretty good shape.

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