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Arizona Cardinals Flag Football: Jess' 6th Pick

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Well, the draft is almost over. I don't think I even need to make this or my final pick because my team is called domination. As a couple of readers noted, I could draft a couple of cheerleaders or Levi Brown and Ryan Lindley just for fun and still destroy Tyler's team.

But, alas, I'm still going to improve my team.

I have two cover guys that will make plays on offense and the best receiver in the game. I have a speedy back who is incredible in the open field and linebacker that can pretty much do it all.

What else could I use? A tall, speedy receiver.

This is why I am taking receiver Stephen Williams.

At 6-5 with 4.4 speed and great hands, I now have two uncoverable receivers. Remember Williams' breakout training camp in 2010? He impressed in 7-on-7 drills. That's what this is!

Between Fitzgerald and Williams, there isn't a jump ball Tyler's team can get, unless he tries to put Calais Campbell in coverage. And if he did that, well, you know the outcome. No jump ball would be needed.

With one pick left, I don't have a QB, and it doesn't even look like I need one.

PP, LSH, D-Wash, AJ, Fitz and Williams. Tyler, you are doomed.

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