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Arizona Cardinals Offseason Given B- By

The Arizona Cardinals knew going into the offseason that they were going to be quiet -- that is until they tried to sign Peyton Manning, which they failed to do. But in previous grades, they were given a paltry 'C'. gave their offseason grades, and the Cards fared a little better. This time, they get a respectable B-.

Writes SI:

Finding a No. 2 receiver (Michael Floyd) and getting Calais Campbell locked up long-term were big steps in the right direction. They swung and missed on Peyton Manning, however, displaying their lack of confidence in Kevin Kolb in the process. They're also still weak at OT, pending a Bobbie Massie breakthrough, and at linebacker, and didn't really address either spot.

Their assessment is pretty accurate...that is, until mentioning the linebacking corp. The team did not really need to upgrade because they feel that Sam Acho and O'Brien Schofield will do the job. They are set inside, especially if Stew Bradley improves. Plus, Bradley can even play outside. Haggans is back to mentor and to give some part-time play.

I really don't see where they needed that much help to begin with.

Are they relying a lot on the development of their young OLB? Yes. But the team is not in bad shape.

Nonetheless, the grade is fair. I would agree with that.

What do you think?

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