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Arizona Cardinals Flag Football: Jess' Final Pick

Today I make the final pick for my Cardinals flag football team. The only position I have left to worry about is quarterback. Honestly, I had intended going into this on drafting Early Doucet to be my QB because he can play the position and for another reason -- the QB would have to play defense. Doucet would be a better option than the real QBs.

However, Tyler took him, and I am ok with that because I built my team a different way and a traditional QB suits my team better. As such, my final pick is Kevin Kolb.

Why Kolb? Two reasons.

One is accuracy. The scouting report on him says he is an accurate thrower. The book on Skelton is not that.

Reason two is speed. Kolb runs better than Skelton, and that does make a difference in flag football.

Defensively, I basically have to hide him in the rush or as a safety. But the other players on the team make that fine.

As QB, all he really has to do is toss jump balls to Larry Fitzgerald and Stephen Williams.

My final team -- Kolb, Patrick Peterson, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Daryl Washington, A.J. Jefferson, Larry Fitzgerald and Stephen Williams.

I think my team wins.