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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: How Should The NFL Tame The Lions?

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You may have read my column yesterday regarding the NFL and all of the players that have been arrested this offseason. If you count Aaron Berry's second and most recent arrest, the number is now up to 28. Wow.

Aaron Berry is a member of the Detroit Lions and was arrested yesterday for pointing a gun at a Dolphins blogger. Odd, I know. That makes it seven different arrests of Lions players since the Super Bowl ended. Nick Fairley was in handcuffs twice, Mikel Leshoure was hit up twice for marijuana possession and Johnny Culbreath was booked for marijuana possession as well.

Our question to you guys today pertains to what the NFL should do to the Lions. Should all of their players be forced to enroll in some sort of training classes? Should the league levy fines on the actual club and their owners? Should they be banned from postseason play USC style?

You tell us in the comments section below.