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Arizona Cardinals Win NFC West According To Predictions

The San Francisco 49ers are the prohibitive favorites to win the NFC West this season. The Arizona Cardinals played well down the stretch and beat the Niners. Arizona hopes to contend for a playoff spot with a dominant defense and improved quarterback play.

At least one national writer is buying into the Cardinals.

Pete Prisco from predicted the outcome of every game of the 2012 season and has Arizona going 10-6, winning the division.

What is even better is the way the Cardinals win the division.

San Francisco has the division lead, but lose their last three games of the season, while the Cards win out, beating the Niners in San Fran in Week 17 to clinch it. Arizona is 10-6, the Niners, 9-7.

Prisco has Arizona's season looking like this:

Week 1: Cards 17, Seahawks 14

Week 2: Pats 27, Cards 14

Week 3: Cards 28, Eagles 27

Week 4: Cards 20, Dolphins 13

Week 5: Rams 17, Cards 14

Week 6: Cards 23, Bills 17

Week 7: Cards 26, Vikings 13

Week 8: Cards 17, Niners 16 (Monday Night)

Week 9: Packers 28, Cards 21

Week 11: Falcons 21, Cards 20

Week 12: Cards 24, Rams 13

Week 13: Jets 17, Cards 16

Week 14: Seahawks 20, Cards 17

Week 15: Cards 20, Lions 17

Week 16: Cards 19, Bears 17

Week 17: Cards 20, Niners 17

That would be eight wins by less than a touchdown and five losses by a touchdown or less. This is almost a best case scenario. I can see an additional win or two possible, but 10-6 is very much within reach.

The key is the defense playing like late last season and the quarterback playing at least average.

What are your thoughts on these Prisco predictions?

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