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Breaking News: Adrian Wilson Signs New 4-Year Deal With The Arizona Cardinals

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According to XTRA 910 Cardinals insider, Mike Jurecki, Adrian Wilson is set to remain a member of the Arizona Cardinals for the rest of his career. Today, he signed a new four year contract with the team, replacing the existing two years that he had left on his previous pact.

Here is the tweet from Jurecki:

As MJ noted, this does a couple of things for both Wilson and for the Cardinals organization. A-Dub will now remain a Cardinal for life and will likely retire in Arizona. For the Cardinals, they get some more much needed cap room to use at their disposal.

Many have speculated that additional cap room would help them re-sign players like Daryl Washington or LaRod Stephens-Howling, but nothing is imminent in that regard.

More news will come out as time goes on. As soon as numbers are released, we will let you know.

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