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Arizona Cardinals Players Reportedly Prefer Skelton Over Kolb

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With training camp beginning, the biggest storyline in camp will be the battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton for the starting QB job for the Arizona Cardinals. It may be that some players have already taken sides. According to former NFL player Willie McGinest on NFL Network, that player is John Skelton.

"Talking to some of my buddies down there, it seems like they're gravitating toward Skelton a little bit more," McGinest said.

This seems to be in line with what Warren Sapp said after talking to Darnell Dockett, and I would suspect that Dockett is probably the guy McGinest talked to.

Now, how much stock can we put into this? Maybe a little.

The fact of the matter is that in the NFL locker room, what matters are results and wins. They players will get sucked in just like fans when the team is winning. John Skelton was the quarterback when the team was winning. So it is natural that the players, especially on the defensive side of the ball, would gravitate towards Skelton.

He made big plays, but for three quarters of games he was bailed out by the defense frequently.

However, guess what would happen if Kolb starts playing better? They would gravitate to him. Statistically, Skelton did not do anything that would tell you that he could be the starter of a winning team. But he was on the field when they won.

Players will always want to side with the player that performs better. It puts the team in a better position to win.

But as for a divided locker room? It's too early to put too much stock into what McGinest is saying. A few defensive players may like Skelton more, but training camp is just starting. Neither Kolb nor Skelton has done anything this preseason. Give it time.

If Kolb plays better than Skelton, guess what? His teammates will want him to start. If Skelton plays better, his teammates will want him to start.

This will play itself out. The only way this becomes an issue is if they are playing evenly. Then you have to look at the locker room and see how the players lean.

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