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ROTB Roundtable: Best FA Acquisition, Most Important Issue, and Penn State

With today marking the second day of Training Camp for the Cardinals, and only a little over a week from the start of pre-season, the ROTB Writing Staff got to work, answering three trending questions.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) With the pre-season set to start a week from this Sunday, the off-season is coming to a close. In your opinion, what was the best FA acquisition made this off-season?

Tyler Nickel: If we are just talking free agents, I'd have to say Adam Snyder. He will be an immediate starter at a position of need.

Alex Mann: On the Cardinals, it had to be all of them. We retained our key starters,(except Marshall) but at the same time brought in a few guys who can contribute, whether as Depth, or immediate starters. Off the Cardinals... Mario Williams in Buffalo. It's a signing that was huge at the time, but died down as soon as Manning went to Denver. He adds the pass rush that the Bills have lacked to compete in the pass happy AFC East.

Jesse Reynolds: I have to agree with Alex that Mario Williams was a huge signing. I would also but Vincent Jackson high on the list, Josh Freeman has never had a WR weapon like Jackson.

Jess Root: That's a hard question to answer so far, being that no one has played any football yet. All the free agent moves were under the radar type moves. All I believe will be solid contributors (Adam Snyder, William Gay, James Sanders, Quentin Groves). Snyder and his "brawler" mentality (so noted Ron Wolfley on Tuesday will be huge on the offensive line, but I have to lean towards Groves being the best one. He will be asked to do what he supposedly does best, and rush the QB from the edge.

2) Which issue do you think is most important, going into the Training Camp period of the Off-season?

Tyler Nickel: Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. Need I say more?

Alex Mann: Gotta be the Quarterback right? Without consistent play from these guys we won't be able to compete at the level we're expecting this season.

Jesse Reynolds: Outside of QB the offensive line. Behind that, the RB situation. Finally LB's showing up and playing. O'Brien needs to perform, Acho needs to perform and for the love of everything football Bradley needs to live up to his contract.

Jess Root: Obviously, the QB position is the biggest concern because good quarterback play makes up for a lot of other issues. As a secondary concern, running back health is something to resolve. If both Beanie and Williams are healthy, then the offense could look really good. If not, then the team is left looking like the unbalanced offenses of years past, only without the Hall of Fame QB.

3) Although this isn't an NFL-related question, Penn State was recently punished for the "Sandusky Controversy". Do you think Penn State deserved what it got, or do you think it was punished too harshly/softly?

Tyler Nickel: My question would be how any of these sanctions will help the families and the victims. They made a mistake and a big one and now people that had nothing to do with it will pay the price. It's a pretty messed up situation all the way around.

Alex Mann: Don't get me wrong, what Sandusky and everyone did was completely wrong. But don't punish the players. What the NCAA did jeopardized the future of the players on the team. Granted the talent that Penn State has put into the NFL has diminished, but the Freshman coming in will never be able to play in a Bowl game. Punish the people involved, but don't punish the kids who worked their tails off to make it to the Collegiate level so they could hopefully make it to the NFL.

Jesse Reynolds: Quite honestly I am shocked. The school deserved to be punished, a message needed to be sent, but why is it always more at the expense of the players than the school its self? Sure you could say that the school won't be able to recruit, that they could lose money, etc but the players on the team are getting the shaft. Typical NCAA.

Jess Root: They got what they deserved. More punishment and it hurts the students at the school looking for a quality education.