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Who Do The QBs Throw To When The Receivers Are Running Position Drills? The Kicker, Of Course

Jay Feely, receiver?
Jay Feely, receiver?

You get to see a lot of different things at training camp in Flagstaff if you go and watch. You get to see undrafted players work out, you see players changing numbers frequently as the roster changes. You also get to see weird things like kicker Jay Feely catching passes.

Feely normally would be with the special teams guys of punter Dave Zastudil, long snapper Mike Leach and training camp kicker/punter invitee Ricky Schmitt. However, there was a point in Wednesday's afternoon practice that the wide receivers were doing their own drills and the quarterbacks didn't have anyone to throw to.

Apparently, Feely wanted to feel like a regular football player instead of just a kicker. (I know, Feely prides himself on being an athlete).

While the receivers worked on their drills, the team's four QBs threw passes to coaches, attendants and Feely.

How did he do? I only saw one ball that he didn't catch, but it was overthrown.

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