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Could Big Camp Question For Arizona Cardinals Really Not Be Anything At All?

The quarterback situation has been getting all sorts of local press attention for months. Now it is even getting national play, and the latest is how Kevin Kolb has not "won over" his teammates. However, in a post that brings up the biggest camp question for all 32 NFL teams, Ryan Van Bibber suggests that the competition might actually be a ruse.

It looks and sounds as though the Cardinals have a quarterback battle. The truth is John Skelton's really more of a plot device deigned to push Kevin Kolb in his existential battle to be the player the Cardinals hoped he would be. A foot injury and a concussions forced Kolb to miss effectively half the season in 2011, and his stats left something to be desired. Arizona made eyes at Peyton Manning this spring. Can Kolb solidify his place as a bona fide starting quarterback?

It's not too far fetched to think that an NFL head coach would actually pull something like this knowing who would pull ahead and make that player better. Is it too far fetched for Ken Whisenhunt? Probably.

Coach Whiz is an honest believer in competition. He also believes that Skelton deserves a look because of what the team accomplished with him at the helm. So while I think it could simply be a mind game to some degree, I have to lean towards the idea that this is a real competition.

What do you think? Could this be a ploy to just get Kolb to be better or is it real?

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