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Beanie Wells In Middle Of Pack For 'Elusiveness'

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Running back Beanie wells had his best season so far in the NFL in 2012, although it was still riddled with injuries. He showed toughness, something for which he had been criticized for years. There is another criticism that Cardinals fans have of him -- how easily he gets tripped or loses his footing.

Pro Football Focus released its "elusiveness ratings" for running backs over the last three seasons. It confirms something we know -- Beanie is not very elusive.

He is a power back with speed. We have seen him knock over players. In fact, his 2.6 yards after contact average is pretty solid. Michael turner leads in that category with 2.9 yards after contact. However, Beanie in three seasons has caused 57 missed tackles, giving him an elusive rating of 26.1. That is good for 26th among all running backs.

We have yet to see Ryan Williams in action. A basic impression of him makes me think that he may not be the bruiser that Beanie is with yards after contact, but that he will be able to elude tacklers better.

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