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Beanie Wells Might Practice In Missouri, Will Play In Preseason

After Monday's morning practice, Arizona Cardinal head coach Ken Whsienhunt discussed recovering running back Beanie Wells and finally gave fans something of a timetable for his return and eventual return to the lineup.

"He will probably start doing some work next week," Whisenhunt said. "We'd like to get him involved in preseason games, probably a little bit later. We'll see how it goes."

Wells, after playing hurt for most of the 2011 season, has been more laid back with this recovery, making sure he returns at 100 percent. He had his knee scoped in the offseason and missed minicamp workouts. He now is on the preseason PUP list.

While he has been rather quiet as to what exactly was done to his knee, he is getting there. I always suspected that the target would be the final two preseason games, maybe three. This puts him right on track.

In fact, knowing this makes me less worried about his recovery. As long as he stays health this season, I imagine he will have a very good year.

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