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Calais Campbell Teaches Us How To Work Out, Be Awesome

We have all seen videos of Calais Campbell and his regimented offseason workout schedule. The guy is a beast on and off the field. He wants to be great, so he works out to keep his body in the best condition that it could possibly be in.

So when somebody that does not work out the way Campbell does tries to join him in his exercise routine, things can get interesting. Such was the case when Carlos Knight decided to join him and try and live a day in his shoes. Check out the video from Awesomeness Sports after the jump.

Calais is really good with the media and uses this video to appropriately promote his foundation and the Play 60 movement. You can tell that this is no gimmick and that working out is really something he does and takes seriously as well.

But it's great that they made the video funny. I never expected Knight to keep up with Calais and my prediction seems to have fit. What was the funniest part of the video to you?

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