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4th Of July Open Thread Question: How Do You Celebrate Independence Day?

OK...this thread question is not football related. But then again, it is July 4. So this question is to allow us to get to know each other as community members a little bit more. What do you do typically for Independence Day?

Now...I know that there are a handful of you not in the US or from the US, so maybe you guys can share what you woudl do on your countries' big day.

For all -- do you have particular traditions? Does what you do change from year to year?

In my case and with my family, we do almost the same thing every year. We go up to Cottonwood to spend the holiday with my wife's grandmother. Usually it involves a combined dinner with my wife's aunt's family and then at night we go outside and watch the fireworks from the house because her house is at the top of a hill downtown.

We have homemade ice cream. That is a given. Then we drive home late at night since the Mrs. typically works the next morning.

So...what is the case for the rest of you?