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ROTB Roundtable: Breakout year, Best WR, and London Franchise

Happy 4th of July! As America celebrates its birthday, the ROTB Writing Staff got busy to work again answering some currently trending questions.

Hit the jump to see their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Which player on the Cardinals roster do you think is in for a breakout year?

Alex Mann: Roberts on Offense, and Acho on Defense. I feel like Acho can break the Franchise Sack record, and we have seen glimpses of what Roberts can do. Given his first real offseason Roberts should shine.

Jess Root: Who will break out this year on the Cardinals? I think that will be Ryan Williams. Andre Roberts will be solid and Greg Toler will bounce back, but Williams will be the player that stands out.

CardsFan08: Housler on Offense, Acho on Defense. The right side of the defensive line will be a force this year.

Tyler Nickel: I think Ryan Williams is going to show us all why he was drafted in the second round. With Beanie's injury still nagging him and the likely event that he will get injured again (he always seems to, anyways) Williams should see plenty of snaps this year. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield coupled with his aggressive running style will make him a player to watch out for.

Jesse Reynolds: Housler. With the depth we have at WR I believe that it will really open up the middle of the field giving Housler a great opportunity to make some big plays.

2) Putting aside any bias, in your opinion, who is the best WR in the NFL?

Alex Mann: I don't think it's easy to choose the best. On one hand, you have the athletic monster in Calvin Johnson, and on the other you have the perfectionist, Larry Fitzgerald. What I think will distinguish the two in the future, is who will have the Longer Career. As of now we can guess it will be Fitzgerald because he has less weight to carry around, meaning when he gets hit, the force taken to bring him down is less and his fall is not as hard, which adds up to less injuries.

Jess Root: I think it's clear. It is Larry Fitzgerald. Calvin Johnson put up better numbers a year ago, but Fitz does everything. He has better hands, he can run any route, he blocks well, he never gives up on plays and he is a team leader.

CardsFan08: I have to say Fitz, because he is always a professional before anything else. Think back to the Calvin Johnson TD where he caught it, placed it on the ground and started celebrating. The play was ruled to not be a TD because he did not secure possession of the ball and get two feet down before putting it on the ground and started celebrating. That play cost his team a win. With Fitz, you've never heard of something like that happening, he plays each play through to the end, then celebrates. Calvin will grow into a professional who doesn't cost his team with his actions. Fitz is already a leader who sets the example for the team.

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, I cannot decide. It comes down to Fitz and Calvin Johnson for me. Both receivers are top notch, but they are better than each other in certain categories. Fitz can catch the ball like no player we have ever seen and Johnson is a freak of an athlete. I would be happy with either one of them as both are good role models and leaders as well.

Jesse Reynolds: Don't know if I can put aside my bias. With the QBs we have had and the incredible catch rate Fitz has, paired with his stats, leadership and work ethic it's difficult to think there is anyone better.

3) Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, recently announced that he wants to see an NFL franchise in London, England, within the next 10 years. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

Alex Mann: I know I'll get hate, (What can I say, I'm a controversial writer) But I agree with him. Expanding the NFL around to the Global Community would be great and could possibly be added to the Olympics, which would make Aaron Rodgers happy when he's long retired. I have friends in several countries who wish they could see an American football game. The only problem we could run into with this idea, is that it would overlap with the beginning of Soccer Season. Granted it's not the most interesting of times during non American Football, but European fans love their soccer and would dump American Football to watch their Non American Football. (Which if I may say, is still the Greatest sport on Earth)

Jess Root: The NFL in London? Already happened, and it failed. Remember the London Monarchs? Yes, it was NFL Europe/World League, but the entire league flopped. I don't see how a team across the ocean would help anything. The travel involved would put everyone at a competitive disadvantage and it would not be amenable for US TV viewing. And if you made it possible to view in the US, then it would be played at a terrible time to get fans out. There is no broad appeal for the NFL outside the US. Just not as good idea as it sounds.

CardsFan08: I would love to see something like the World Cup for American style football. One problem I can see is the toll that flying back and forth will take on a team. Which is the reason we don't have the Alaskan Kodiaks or the Hawaiian Mai Tai's. It's going to be a lot of traveling for a team. But I do think the NFL can learn a lot from soccer, such as cheer coordinators, mega fan zones where the seats are cheaper, as with food and drink as long as you're a cheering crazy person.

Tyler Nickel: No thanks, Kraft. The travel time would be too much and for a team like the Cardinals, it would be a bit unfair. The distance is just too great, which is the only reason I don't want to see a team across the pond.

Jesse Reynolds: Unless a superior way to travel is developed, I do not think it's plausible. Seattle to London? Good luck Seahawks.