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Football Outsiders Applauds The Work Of Levi Brown, Jeremy Bridges

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One of the biggest holes for the Arizona Cardinals coming into the offseason was on the offensive line. In face, it seems like that has been their biggest hole since... forever. They filled quite a bit of that space in free agency and the draft, acquiring players like Adam Snyder, Senio Kelemete, Bobby Massie and Nate Potter.

Still though, some questions still remain. After re-signing Levi Brown, will he be able to pick up where he left off last year? Is Massie ready to take over at right tackle as a rookie? Is Snyder a competent guard?

According to Football Outsiders, the Cards have a much improved Brown at left tackle, which may be something we can look forward to for now on. As for the right side, Jeremy Bridges might be the guy they lean on.

Ben Muth from Football Outsiders went back and analyzed the Cardinals' week 17 game against the Seahawks. Not only did they receive a victory for their efforts that game, but many of the players looked quite impressive in the win. Levi Brown was one of them.

Muth notes that Brown still has no lateral quickness to fend off certain moves like the spin or a stunt, but his strength and balance apparently improved dramatically. He didn't fall off of his blocks nearly as much and he looked solid both in pass protection and run blocking.

With Bridges, the Cardinals know that they get a veteran that can bring some grit with him to the field, but his play can be up and down sometimes. I know this is just one game that we are judging, but by Muth's standards, Bridges completed the best block of the game. Apparently, he was the best lineman on the field outside of Daryn Colledge.

Is one game a good way to judge these players? Absolutely not. But it is the most recent game played and if the Cardinals can get that type of production on a consistent basis, their line will be much improved in 2012.

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