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Thursday Afternoon Open Thread: Which Quarterback Has The Best Arm In The League?

Ron Jaworski, most famously known for his work on ESPN and as a commentator on Monday Night Football, is a former quarterback in the NFL. He knows how the position should be played, as he was a pretty good one. So every season, we get reviews on players all around the league from him based on the work he does in the offseason.

This offseason, he has been going over the quarterbacks quite a bit. And per a report from Pro Football Talk, Jaws seems to believe that Joe Flacco, the QB for the Baltimore Ravens, has the best arm in the league. He believes that Flacco does not always play up to his skill set, but that his arm can make up for a lot of his weaknesses.

So now I throw this question out to the community: Which QB has the best arm, in your opinion? Flacco does have a cannon, there is no denying that. But then there are players like Philip Rivers, Michael Vick and even John Skelton, all of whom have big arms as well.

Who gets your vote for biggest arm in the league? Tell us in the comments section.