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Looking At The Arizona Cardinals And Play-Action Efficiency Offensively And Defensively

In a slow part of the offseason, Football Outsiders put together some numbers about play-action and how teams did with it and against it -- offensively and defensively.

How did the Arizona Cardinals do?

The league average is to run play-action 19 percent of the time. The Cards did so only 15 percent.

On plays with play-action, the league averaged 7.5 yards per play. Arizona is better than the league average, at 8.3 yards per play. Without play-action, the league averaged 6.2 yards and Arizona was at 5.6.

Defensively, they saw play-action 18 percent of the time, again just under the league average. The fact that the defense played well the second half of the year is evident. They gave up 7.3 yards per play with PA, below the league average 7.5. Without PA, they allowed 5.9, below league average of 6.2.

Ideally, I think we all would like to see Arizona use play-action more, and that requires the running game be effective. It also requires that the team not be behind early. We will see. The defense is ready. The running game with Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams looks like it should be there. Will the playcalling use it? That is the question.

Any thoughts on the topic?

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