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Arizona Cardinals Boast Third Best Safety Tandem In The NFL

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Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes form a pretty good duo in the secondary as the primary safeties for the Arizona Cardinals. Both of them are bigger safeties, allowing them to play down in the box and pressure the quarterback if needed. They are also both savvy veterans that know their roles, so mistakes are not easily made.

Ryan Van Bibber from the SB Nation regional page recently went through every team and ranked the starting safety pair for each. It didn't take long for him to get around to the Cardinals, as he put them in third on his list.

Wilson has been one of the better safeties in the NFL for quite some time. His ability to do so many different things for the team makes him a true asset that is almost irreplaceable.

Rhodes is pretty similar. When he went out with a broken foot last season, the team had trouble finding someone to replace him and do all of the things that he is able to. He can cover, play in the box or just sit back in a deep zone and ball hawk.

So to put this tandem as the third best safety crew in the league seems fair. Although, I do not really get the hype surrounding Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark on the Steelers. Neither of those veterans have aged nearly as well as A-Dub and Rhodes.

What do you think? Where do the Cardinals' safeties fall on your list as a pair? Tell us in the comments section.

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