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2013 NFL Mock Draft: And the Arizona Cardinals select... 2013 Quarterback Edition

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We are 30 days away from the Cardinals vs Saints in the Preseason Opener HOF game. So in order to keep Football Exclusive Fans alive (Meaning those of us who just follow football) I decided to start a VERY early, Cardinals Mock Draft. Lets begin with the Cardinals 1st round selection.

For the purposes of this I'll place the Cardinals with the 24th overall pick.

As many of us know, the Cardinals have question marks at several Positions. Quarterback, Runningback, Tackle, Defensive Tackle. Pretty much all on the Offensive Side of the ball.

According to the top 5 Quarterbacks for the 2012 season are, Matt Barkley (USC), Tyler Wilson (Arkansas), Logan Thomas (VT), Tyler Bray (Tennessee), Landry Jones (Oklahoma) I can only see 4 of those guys going the 1st Round. Matt Barkley is a lock, with many considering him to be the second best QB behind Andrew Luck if he had joined this years Draft. Tyler Bray would be the second to go, Logan Thomas third, and Tyler Wilson will go last. Logan Thomas however is a Red-Shirted Junior so he may not be entering the draft, although he has hinted otherwise. Barkley and Bray will be long gone, leaving us with 3 Potential QB's to be drafted. Lets take a look at the three guys.

Logan Thomas is huge. 6'6, 254, giving him the advantage against the Rush. He's mobile too, something Arizona has hardly had at QB. He has a monster arm, similarly to Skeltons, but delivers the pass on the money. Last season he posted a 135.7 Passer Rating, 19 TD's, 10 INT's and 3013 yards.

Landry Jones sits a 6'4 229. He's not as mobile, more of a pocket guy. In 3 seasons with Oklahoma, he's posted 12379 yards, 93 TD's and 41 INT's. Very accurate, never having a sub 130.0 QB rating, plus a rocket arm.

Tyler Wilson started his first full season last year and did well. 3638 yards, 24 TD's, and 16 INT's. While it was only his first whole season he's said he wants to join this years draft, unless he plays below par.

So... In my opinion... "With the 24th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select Landry Jones, Quarterback out of Oklahoma.

Thoughts? I'll do the running backs tomorrow, and keep doing it position by position till we've covered them all.