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AZ Cardinals Rewind: Week 5 Cardinals @ Vikings

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We have now gone through 4 weeks of our 16 Game Coverage. Last week we saw a heartbreaking loss against the New York Giants, this week we recap the Week 5 Meltdown against the Minnesota Vikings.

Kevin Kolb: 21/42, 232 Yards, 2 INT's

Donovan McNabb: 10/21, 169 Yards

Beanie Wells: 20 Carries, 90 Yards, 1 TD

Adrian Peterson: 29 Carries, 122 Yards, 3 TD's

Early Doucet: 8 Catches, 90 Yards

Devin Aromashadu: 2 Catches, 81 Yards

Play By Play:

Cardinals started the game with the ball. Kolb would throw incomplete to Fitzgerald on the first play. Wells would pick up 6 making it a 3rd and 4, only to have Kolb miss Rob Housler. Graham Punts 55 yards.

The Vikings would have the same luck on their next possession, but their punt would pin Arizona inside their own 5 at the 3. Wells would pick up 4 yards, and would lose 3 the next play. Kolb would be called for a delay of game penalty, putting us all the way back at our own 2, where we would have to punt.

On the Return the Vikings would get it all the way back to the Arizona 18, and after 4 plays a Timeout, Adrian Peterson would run over Patrick Peterson to get the first score of the game.

(7-0) Vikings

The next Drive, would last one play, which consisted of Kolb's first INT of the game. The Vikings would only take 7 seconds to find the endzone a second time, with Adrian Petersons second TD of the game.

(14-0) Vikings

Everything began to unravel on this play... After picking up 9 yards on a pass play, Kolb would get sacked an fumble which Jared Allen would recover.

Again with excellent field position the Vikings would score on a bad play. With great Pass Coverage, McNabb would evade multiple Cardinals on his way to a 4 yard TD.

(21-0) Vikings

After another Cardinals 3 and out, the Vikings would throw on first down which was ruled incomplete, but would be erased because of a Patrick Peterson interference call, putting the Vikings on the Cardinals side of the field without even trying. 3 Plays later, Adrian Peterson would cap off his scoring with a 14 yard rush up the gut.

(28-0) Vikings.

Second Quarter:

The only Scoring would come off of a Cardinals 51 Yard field goal. They did however look poised to score on that drive, on a 3rd and 1 Kolb would sneak up the middle and come up half an inch shy of a first down, but Colledge would be called for a false start, setting up a 3rd and 6 only to be failed.

(28-3) Vikings

3rd Quarter:

Beanie would finally get us in the endzone with a 2 yard rush.

(28-10) Vikings

Final Score: 34-10 Vikings

What Went Wrong:

Must I answer? Every time something was going right for Arizona, a Penalty, or a bad Playcall, or Kolb trying to make something happen would ruin it. The Defense was put in a tough spot early on, which lead to them giving up the 4 TD's in the First Quarter. Arizona looked like an amateur team going out there, and lost badly, to a bad team. Luckily we had the Bye Week the next week to Repair some of the Damage, but things would need to change immediately if we were to avoid a repeat of the 2010 Campaign.

Cardinals fall to 1-4 on the Season.