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For An Edge Rusher, Clark Haggans Has Been A Tackling Machine (Who Also Misses Tackles)

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Here is one of Haggans' missed tackles.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Here is one of Haggans' missed tackles. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I suppose over the last few days, you might think that I have been a little excessive on the statistics with missed tackles. That is part is because Pro Football focus has been running the series of tackling efficiency and the Cardinals didn't have a ton of people on any of the lists. Plus, I was just curious to see if there had been improvement.

Clark Haggans appears in the post on tackling efficiency for edge rushers -- for good and bad things.

Haggans, at his position over the last three seasons, has the ninth highest total in total tackles with 133. he has not been a sack master, but he is among the leaders in edges rushers in volume of tackles.

In that same time period, he also has the second highest number of missed tackles with 17. That equates to a efficiency rate of 8.8 tackle attempts per missed tackle. That is 10th worst in the last three years among edge rushers.

Now, as noted on Saturday, he only missed two tackles in all of 2011, and his efficiency rate was 21.5.

The overall average says this is an anomaly. but it could be he got better under the new scheme under Ray Horton.

He is back in 2012 and is not expected to be in a starting role, but being a better tackler would certainly not be a bad thing.

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